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TUC сookie for children

Date: 2018, September

On September 15, our partners – Kyiv City Charity Foundation “Food Bank” had transferred 195 boxes of TUC cookie (TM Mondelez) to the United World Cultures Foundation.

So having the opportunity to bring joy to children, UWCF handed over cookies to the following institutions and organizations:

Bila Tserkva Orphanage, where lives 113 boys from 8 to 35 years of age with severe health disorders requiring socio-psychological and medical rehabilitation (cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, epilepsy, mental and physical disorders in development, moderate and deep mental retardation) - 10 boxes;

Charitable institution "Special School-Life", where children with an autistic spectrum of development and similar violations of the emotional and volitional sphere (on the whole, the school unites 120 families) is being rehabilitated, - 20 boxes;

Social-Rehabilitation Center "Rodyna" - children with severe disorders of development, combined violations - autism, behavioral problems, mental retardation - 2 boxes;

The public organization "Cerebral", where 170 children with severe health disorders - 10 boxes;

Social organization "Social Harmony", works of which aims at the comprehensive development of children and adults with disabilities, emotional unloading, self-expression, and the disclosure of abilities to various types of creativity through art-therapeutic tools - 12 boxes;

Territorial social service center of Shevchenkivsky district - in the structure of the center there is a group for providing social services for day care for children with disabilities, in which 50 children from the age of 3 to 18 years receive services - 5 boxes;

Novosaliscy pre-school educational institution № 30 «Rainbow», currently 65 children are studying at the institution - 10 boxes.

And the rest of the cookies were received by other institutions from the most remote corners of our country, which are also needs of attention and care.

On behalf of all the children, we sincerely thank the Kyiv City Charity Foundation “Food Bank” for the second year we have been cooperating with our fund!