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Under the Cupid Sign: Inclusive Party on Valentine’s Day

Date: 10.02.2018

Different times, different languages... all things are different, except for one – love. Love is fire and ice, prose and verse, a song that has no end in sight flying over wide open steppes, like running waters of a creek, like thunder and lightning, like a shining star, it strikes a braveheart with its exquisite beauty and simplicity. Love is everything that has ever existed and ever will. It has the power to warm us up whether on holidays or weekdays. Is there a day that would be more open-hearted, joyful and romantic than St. Valentine’s Day? This holiday has been traditionally meant for the youth and indeed most warmly welcomed by the young community.

Once again, Rodyna Social Rehabilitation Centre has involved young disabled people in active social life. 10 February saw the second inclusive party to entertain the youth. Keynote idea highlighted by the event was empathy as a capacity to feel and share another person’s emotions.

Young participants supported by YaVidradnyi group volunteers decorated the party’s room with white and red heart-shaped balloons, arranged a romantic-styled photo area, a designated place for greeting cards and flowers, and of course a sweet buffet.

Special youngsters are usually physically challenged but their creative talents are every whit as good as everyone else’s and sometimes even better. When special girls and boys are offered an opportunity to creatively comprehend the world and enjoy their own and other people’s creative work, this becomes one of the most efficient ways for them to have actual rehabilitation and integrate into the society.

Young people who joined the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day got their share of impressions, socializing, holiday feelings and entertaining activities.

To overcome fears and feel comfortable communicating with other people, young people need a push, an example for continuous creative pursuit, they and their parents (that is equally important!!!) need to be enriched with new impressions and social connections, which is one of the key tasks we see in the UWCF program Let's Improve Children's Lives and support by organizing inclusive parties!

Traditionally, on this day, all young people confess their love by sending their sweetheart a card decorated with red hearts or giving a flower. In an attempt to help teenagers show their feelings, YaVidradnyi volunteer Oleksandra Vlasova taught them a master class in making valentine cards and magical flowers. Over crafting these presents, they had a discussion about the importance of expressing what you feel and giving cards.

“Particularly appreciated are valentine cards given to parents by their grown-up children. I know that most parents keep those cherished pieces of children’s craftwork in family archives and photo albums to preserve these sweet memories for the future”, says Oleksandra Posivnych, Head of Hornyatko Dobroty (“Kindness Jar”) Day-Care and Job Training Centre for Disabled Youth.

Kostya Mikhno, an experienced hundred-percent professional who set people’s pulse racing, led the fantastic entertainment program on the highest level, featuring numerous contests, sparkling jokes, wonderful moments and surprises. As usual, the festive event featured supporting music and good songs performed by Andriy Dyadchenko.

Love is a needed and important thing for everyone. And it’s not about lovers only. A mother loves her child and children love their parents. A welcome surprise was organized by the Centre’s mums for winter birthday celebrants and gave them a cake shaped as a big heart.

In anticipation of the most romantic holiday, United World Cultures Foundation prepared some sweet gifts for all the inclusive party’s participants, while the birthday celebrants also received presents from UWCF that would help them always look good.

On St. Valentine’s Day, UWCF team members say the three most important words in everyone’s life – WE LOVE YOU, and we believe that our love will be your life-time talisman.