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Autumn Visit to a Residential School

Date: November, 2019

Some children are lucky to grow up in full-fledged families, with loving parents who provide them with all the benefits for a carefree childhood and an easy start into the future. However, the other side of life shows that many children are missing such support and positive role models for an interesting, beautiful and happy life. They have parents, they may even live close to each other, but for some sad reasons their parents are deprived of parental rights; there are cases when parents are fond of the bottle and often beat their children…

Representatives of Charity Fund UWCF, together with detdom.info volunteers, decided to spend one autumn Saturday with children from the Municipal Educational Institution “Korostyshiv Specialized Comprehensive Residential School” under the Zhytomyr Regional Council.

There are pretty good conditions in the residential school: beautifully renovated classrooms, comfortable playing rooms, good food. So, it may be said that the children have everything, except for the main thing – parental affection.

The school employees are doing their best to make children feel the maximum comfort, to give them good education, to compensate for what they really need.

One of the goals of such volunteer visits is to draw public attention to the problems of children from crisis families living in residential schools, to show the life of the inmates.

During the visit, the volunteers are divided into several groups – it is important to spend some time with children of all ages. This time the team of the UWCF’s program “Let’s Improve Children’s Lives” bought a whole bag of rubber bands + bracelet weaving looms, and the little inmates learned how to weave bracelets. There were not many who succeeded on the first try, however, lots of patient explanations and help given by Mrs. Liudmyla did their job. Upon completion, everyone proudly displayed the jewelry they made with own hands.

Also, many children became interested in photography and video shooting: they listened attentively to instructions of how to properly configure the camera for a great shot, and tried themselves in the roles of photographers and models.

Miss Lesia formed a good taste and sense of style in boys and girls, explaining that classic trousers cannot be combined with a sports jacket, socks with cartoon characters do not fit the style of an elegant dress, and dark tights should not be worn with a light skirt. Meanwhile, no less important activity was going on in the culinary class: volunteers taught the children how to make sandwiches and cook pizza. These meals are easy to cook since they do not require the use of special equipment, and all the necessary ingredients may be found in any store (volunteers bought them in advance). We hope that the knowledge of simple recipes will help the inmates not to suffer from hunger when they start an independent life, for example, in case of moving from the residential school to a college dormitory.

It was lots of emotions and fun, both for the children and volunteers! Once again we were able to make sure that the social position of each person is way too important in today’s world! Thank you all who work in this direction, and join us if you still haven’t!