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Clothing and footwear for those who need help

Date: 2018, January

Due to the difficult economic situation, rising prices for food, clothing, many ordinary families are unable to meet their needs in full. And what can we say about the sector of socially unprotected residents. They are on the brink of survival, save on the most essential things, so they need significant material assistance and moral support.

The United World Cultures Foundation within the framework of the "Let's improve children's lives" charity program has once again helped families in a difficult situation in the Klavdievo-Tarasovo village the Kyiv region.

"Thanks to joint efforts with the Fund's volunteers, we are able to provide families with everything they need: clothes, toys, food, medicines," says Lyudmila Lysenko (representative of the UWCF).

Children need our support, attention, and help. We are grateful to the volunteer group headed by Yulia Belskaya and volunteer activist Oksana Markevich (Klavdiyevo-Tarasovo village of the Kyiv region) for providing charitable assistance to 11 families that enjoy our presents not for the first time.

"Some people have already got theirs, the others are waiting. I want to note that photos in social networks do not measure good things. The main thing is that those things warm, help and give at least some relief and joy... ", says Oksana, volunteer from the Klavdiyevo-Tarasovo village.

Sympathy and kindness can work miracles and make each of us happier. Together we can provide significant support to children and their parents in a difficult time!