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A Birthday Party during the Lockdown

Date: April 2020

There exist a thousand different holidays, and out of them all, a birthday is the most special and even a bit mystical one – wonders may happen on this day.

The lockdown with all restrictions it brought wasn’t exactly what Masha expected for her birthday… The situation is quite absurd: back in 2014, Masha’s parents wanted to arrange the most wonderful celebration on her birthday because their youngest princess had to turn two, but obviously this wasn’t meant to happen. The family had to move away from the area affected by the armed conflict to protect their children from the effects of war…

Now, in 2020, Ukraine has introduced the most strict response measures to fight the COVID outbreak and imposed restrictions on internal travel.

Despite those lockdown restrictions in the country, team members and volunteers of the UWCF program “Walking to the Health Land” didn’t give up and secretly prepared a surprise for the birthday girl.

On 9 April, in the morning, Masha woke up to the song “Happy Birthday to You” performed by old friends she had first met back in 2014. The actor who made hearts beat faster – both for the birthday girl and her parents – was Kostia Mykhno.

Amid all the restrictions, our team and volunteers managed to make an unforgettable birthday party for the little girl. Obviously, we didn’t break any lockdown rules – everyone was wearing a facemask, but we did our best to fill the celebration with warmth, tenderness and love. At Masha’s birthday party, there was her most favourite music and singing. The birthday girl wished many songs to be performed by her mother and friends.

Masha will long remember her 8th birthday celebration – that was the first time for her to have a birthday during a lockdown and to have it with all those guests, so far from her own home but in the place that has become so dearly beloved – Pushcha-Vodytsia. Greetings to the most beautiful girl in the whole world, our dear Mariia! May your life be a wonderful celebration. Happy Birthday!

We would like to say thank-you to our volunteers Iryna, Kostia and Kateryna!

As a reminder, the program “Walking to the Health Land” of United World Cultures Foundation has joined the charitable movement Giving Tuesday and launched our own charitable campaign “Children of War and Lockdown” aiming to provide target help to internally displaced people (families raising the so-called “war children”). Please check out photos made by Kate Sench (Kateryna Senchenko).