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We give acrylic baths to make children's lives more comfortable

Date: January 2018

The shower is fine, but it is hard to replace a warm and comfortable bath. Taking a bath is like plunging into a magical relaxing world to relieve stress, purify the soul and body.

We remind you that recently the reorganization of the Pugachivka orphanage was carried out, and in result, some girls were transferred to the orphanage in the Nova Borova village. For children with oligophrenia in the stage of imbecility, Down's disease, for children deprived of parental care, orphans - this is a great emotional stress, both for girls who stayed in the Pugachivka orphanage, and for children who were transferred to the Nova Borova orphanage.

"Yesterday Olya from Pugachivka called me. She says that she is very bored and now it is very difficult for her to be without little girls. She calls me every week and always asks when we will come to visit,", says Olena, a volunteer from detdom.info.

The United World Cultures Foundation donated two new acrylic baths from the German manufacturer to the pupils of the Pugachivka orphanage (for kids with oligophrenia in the stage of imbecility, Down's disease).

"Now the girls will be able to take baths every day, because they will have a special bathroom on the building floor, and our princesses will get acquainted with the bath rituals, which will add to their lives a little more joy, pleasure and tranquility. The UWCF implements a program called "Let's improve children's lives", which, inter alia, aims to improve the material and technical base of specialized boarding schools, to gradually reform such institutions and not to injure children with reforms. The life of people with disabilities is significantly different from that of a healthy person. When we talk about creating special conditions for people with special needs we usually have in mind, first of all, the creation of special ramps, the installation of handrails and elevators...", says Lyudmila Lysenko, representative of the United World Cultures Foundation.

Sincerely, we are grateful for the assistance in the delivery of acrylic baths to the "Interpamps Group" company. We not only help the patients, but also greatly facilitate the work of the staff, because taking care of the pupils will become much easier. It will be comfortable for girls to take a bath, since acrylic baths of German production are quite spacious and therefore comfortable.


Meanwhile, we draw attention to the advisability of gradual reforming of orphanages, based on the example of experience and models of other countries, for example, Italy. Italian model provides two types of specific houses or apartments, which the mental health services give to a mentally ill person that has been abandoned by his close relatives, namely the "communite" (for 10-15 people) and the "apartmente" (for 2-3 people).Patients live there together, doctors and nurses watch them daily, and there is a psychologist who gives advice. They take patients and single families for permanent residence (they receive a monthly subsidy from the government). So they adapt to the society.

The UWCF believes that the experience of Italy is invaluable, and we will be able to adopt many programs and finalize, rather than take hasty steps of reform. I urge you to be vigilant about studying and to remember the main rule - "DO NOT HURT THE CHILD!"