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Sweet Paradise – Dreams Come True!

Date: 11.08.2018

In a such hot summer everyone wants to be in a cold and sweet fairy tale!

On Saturday, August 11, employees of the UWCF Charity Fund and volunteers from detdom.info on their "blue helicopters" traveled to the pupils of Pugachiv Psychoneurological Orphanage (Zhytomyr region, Korosten, Berezneve). There are lives orphans, deprived of parental care who have intelectual and physical defects, those with oligophrenia at the stage of imbecility, Down's syndrome.

Each trip is a holiday for girls. These children simply need to get out of their limited small world for a short time and get an incentive to develop.

Over the course of ten years the girls have become accustomed to us, have started to trust their little and big secrets, they are playing and drawing with pleasure with us, and as all the girls are very fond of chewing and enjoying different delicacies.

We bought two large boxes of ice cream and bananas. Children of all ages fly to meet us (in the literal sense of the word). The new volunteers scare it at once, but when you see the joyful eyes of these children, nobody notices any physical defects. Having visited the children's playground, you feel a warm, good atmosphere. Here we meet children and educators, for whom this is no longer a job, but a way of life. The joy in the child's eyes so big and you instantly catch yourself how much happiness in our lives. And great is not because we compare our lives with them. And because we give up part of our soul, and when we think about how the day passed, we understand that this gives strength to go further. Gives a huge need to give up and not expect anything in return.

Each volunteer made his own feat: someone arrived after the night shift, someone refused to go to the cinema, someone invested money, someone handed over marshmallows and other delicious meals, and someone handed over a whole bag of toys. The world-renowned breeding and seed company Rijk Zwaan provided seeds to farmers, and they grow the vegetables and handed them to nurses. Each volunteer is a superhero!