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First-Graders Are Ready For School

Date: August 30, 2019

According to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization / UNESCO, inclusive education is seen as a process of addressing and responding to the diversity of needs of all learners through increasing participation in learning, cultures and communities, and reducing exclusion from education and from within education.

In other words, inclusive education is an alternative to residential, home or private education system for children with special education need. Its primary goal is to ensure that children of all categories are provided with equal opportunities to learn in the general education environment according to their places of residence, and that no child feels different.


Since 2017, the process of the inclusive education system implementation has started in Ukraine, along with the government financing of psychological and pedagogical as well as correctional and developmental classes for children in public education institutions covering preschool, general secondary, vocational and higher education of I-II accreditation levels.


A new school year begins and the First Bell of the official school-year opening ceremony rings, inviting pupils to their classrooms. This year the schools over the whole country have welcomed almost 450,000 first graders, and among them there are also the children with special education needs.

Following a good tradition, for the third year in a row the Kyiv City Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disabilities together with United World Cultures Foundation equip first-graders with special needs for school and make their First Bell ceremony even more happy and unforgettable.

This year 11 inmates started making their way down the path of knowledge. On 30 August UWCF members congratulated the children with the beginning of their school path and presented them with school supplies that will be useful during the study, including: backpacks, pen cases and many other necessary things. They also wished the little pupils interesting learning activities, as well as joyful and unforgettable school years filled with ringing laughter, informative stories, new acquaintances and communication with many friends.