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Milk products: benefits for children and adults

Date: May 2019

Milk products are vitally important element of nutrition in the diet of each person. They contain a significant amount of protein, as well as nutrients such as potassium, iron, vitamins A, B, C, D. Essentially, they are building materials for all organs and systems of the human body.

Especially milk products are necessary for normal growth and development of the child. At the stage of development of the child in the diet must necessarily be products rich in calcium. Calcium contained in dairy products is absorbed best and is a necessary component of the health of our teeth and bones. This opinion is shared by nutritionists who put dairy products in the first place in the menu for young athletes.

To provide vital nutrition elements to socially disadvantaged sections of the population, Kyiv City Charitable Fund "Food Bank" donated milk products to the United World Cultures Foundation:

• Baby nutrition "Agusha" cheese with pear and blueberries;

• Yogurt with probiotic "Strawberry-Melissa", "Banana”;

• Sour Cream "Slovyanochka";

• Yogurt "Chudo" coconut and wild berries;

• Yogurt "Chudo" kiwi muesli.

All useful dairy products have been distributed among partner non-governmental organizations that deal with large families with low income, families with one breadwinner, internally displaced persons and people with disabilities:

• Social and Rehabilitation Center "Rodyna"

• Public organization "Star of Dondass\Zorya Donbassy"

• Charitable institution "Special School-Life"

• Territorial social service center of Shevchenko district

• Public organization "Development and rehabilitation center "DAR".

Let’s use milk products in your family everyday life and be healthy!