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To All-Ukrainian Day of Libraries...

Date: September 29, 2018

Considering the large contribution of Ukrainian libraries to the development of national education, science and culture, the need to further enhance their role in society and supporting the initiative of the library community, the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 471/98 of May 14, 1998 established the All-Ukrainian Day of Libraries and decided to celebrate it annually on September 30.

Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine, National Library of Ukraine for Children, National Historical Library of Ukraine, State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine are non-exhaustive list of leading libraries in Ukraine. In general, there are about 40 thousand libraries, employing more than 52 870 employees, in Ukraine.

The first libraries on the Ukrainian territory began to open in churches during the Kievan Rus after the adoption of Christianity in 988. Founded in 1037 by Yaroslav the Wise, the library of Sophia of Kyiv at that time was the largest and richest. It contained about 900 volumes of handwritten books, which were incredibly large for the Middle Ages.

Today, even despite of era of the Internet and telecommunications, the book remains a good friend for ukrainians. Many readers, especially villagers use the services of libraries.

The "United World Cultures Foundation" continues to assist rural libraries in expanding their book fund, by conducting "Cartload of Books" campaign.

This time, having visited the holiday – the Day of the villages Katerynivka and Kleban-Byk of Illyinovskaya OTG, (Donetsk region), the director of the UWCF, Olena Kobets, gave the libraries of these settlements a collection of children's and adult literature. Incidentally, this year's Katerynivska village library celebrates the anniversary - 65th anniversary. Congratulations to its head Tatyana Sadomova!

The part of the donated books to United World Cultures Foundation was transferred by the Vasyl Yan Library (Dniprovsky district) of the Kyiv city. The library was founded in 1953. The library fund currently has 43.5 thousand copies. The library has a memorial corner, where books from the personal library of writer and historian Vasyl Yan are stored. In addition, the library offers its users innovative forms of work, among which are free Internet center services, Wi-Fi, interesting meetings in the clubs "Chervona Kalynon’ka", "Nadvechir’ya", a children's corner and exhibitions of creative works of users.

Thanks to the Vasyl Yan Library and personally to Vityuk Galyna Olexandrivna for the cooperation!