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Dairy products every day for the health of teenagers

Date: July 31, 2019

Summer is a wonderful time of the year!

Children's camp is a great opportunity to captivate child in the world of adventure and discovery. We all know that children's camps provide many useful life skills for children, they can learn there a foreign language, they develop children’s character, learn how to make new friends and communicate with each other, and in general it is very fun!


Detdom.info volunteers are helping teens, who are already taking their second shift to take pupils from orphanages, children from family-type orphanages and crisis families to the eco-camp “Closer to nature - closer to yourself!”. The camp is located in Plakhtyanka village (Kyiv region, Makariv district).

Every day in the camp is full of new events, impressions, feelings. The main task of children’s recreation for volunteers and camp workers was organizing recreation, creating a desire to lead a healthy lifestyle, awareness of its importance, the desire to live in harmony with nature.

Children have the opportunity to significantly strengthen their health, increase the body's defenses. During this important period, adolescents undergo a regime change, a period of intensive growth begins, and in some children, hormonal changes in the body. At this age, it is very important, especially in the morning, to provide a person with a protein reserve for the whole day, so dairy products should be included to first breakfast.

To provide vital elements of nutrition for adolescents, the United World Cultures Foundation donated dairy products from Kyiv City Charitable Foud “Foodbank” to the eco-camp “Closer to nature - closer to you”.

The UWCF Fund expresses sincere thanks to volunteer Alexander Khomenko for delivering goodies to children on time.