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Children’s Guardian angels celebrate their holiday

There is no life without light. There is no life without friendship. Girls and boys from detdom.info as Guardian angels are engaged with children and graduates, who living in orphanages.

Volunteer work is an incredible adventure, it’s a piece of a stormy life detached from the ordinary world, where every day you bathe in the sea of new acquaintances, surprises and impressions. Feel your own need and boundless gratitude of those whom you helped.

On June 3, on Sunday, Guardian angels had celebrated Children's Day, because it’s a professional holiday for volunteers from detdom.info.

The main task of the holiday was to receive bright impressions and positive emotions. Managers every time trying to come up with something interesting and exciting while developing a rich scenario. Thanks to the detdom.info team for the holiday!

The quest, organized by the managers of detdom.info, was remembered by the participants as one of the most original and impressive corporate events.

The main goal of the corporate - unite all volunteer groups detdom.info – was achieved!

"Such events help to open new qualities in volunteers," Natalia Kolokoltseva, head of detdom.info, shared her impressions. "Some team members showed such activity and leadership qualities in the quest that we understood - they can be entrusted with the most important cases."

Despite the fact that participants were allowed to use hints, few of the teams took advantage of this opportunity, it was important for everyone to play fair.

After reaching the finish point, the volunteers found a message from the volunteer group of 2015 and wrote a message to the volunteers in 2019.

The whole award ceremony was positive. The participants applauded each other and were full of joyful emotions and impressions. The prize place, according to the teams, until the end of the competition was no longer decisive, because the main thing is the process of the event itself, the opportunity to learn about your colleagues, to get a sea of pleasant emotions and excellent photos.

This is how the team of detdom.info celebrated its Birthday this year.

Dear partners, the whole team of the United World Cultures Foundation wishes you to remain always full of ideas and energy for their implementation, an example for imitation. Happy Bithday!